Biosensing on Integrated Circuits

Bialanx is developing a novel bioelectronic detection platform that uses integrated circuits for biochemical applications. Our technology leverages consumer CMOS technology to enable new avenues of real-time and label-free detection of proteins and nucleic acids.

Extending IC Technology

In the last 50 years, integrated circuit technology has scaled exponentially to enable mass-production of incredibly powerful and low-cost devices; advances in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology have allowed transistor density in ICs to double every year since 1959. This has fueled an unparalleled industrial growth driven by low-cost, high-density computation and imaging, and we can now leverage CMOS technology for non-computational applications in biosensing and bioelectronics.

About us

Bialanx, Inc. is a bioelectronics company located in New York City. Our team brings together extensive academic and industrial expertise in instrumentation, bioelectronics, and integrated circuit design. We have a passion for developing ambitious new technologies for real-world healthcare applications.